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What are the vulnerable parts of the sealing machine

Release date:2023-02-04

What are the vulnerable parts of the sealing machine? We all know that any equipment will have some vulnerable parts. The so-called vulnerable parts of the tape sealing machine are not easy to break, but the parts that need to be replaced due to wear and other reasons after a long time of use. The tape sealing machine is no exception. There are also vulnerable parts. So what are the vulnerable parts of the tape sealing machine?

1. Cutter. There is no doubt that the cutter plays a vital role in the process of sealing the box. Therefore, after a long time of use, the cutter will become not sharp, so it needs to be replaced.

2. Tool holder tension spring. Its function is to help the cutter swing back and forth. Once the cutter works, the tension spring works accordingly. Therefore, this part is also listed as one of the vulnerable parts of the case sealing machine.

3. Conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is mainly used to clamp the carton for forward transmission. Over time, the pattern on the belt will be worn flat, which will weaken the friction of the belt, and the belt will slip during operation. At this time, the belt needs to be replaced.

In fact, as long as the user operates normally and carefully according to the operating procedures, the use of the equipment will become very simple and the failure rate will be low, whether it is the sealing machine or the unpacking machine or other packaging equipment.

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