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How to adjust the length of the sealing machine tape?

Release date:2023-02-04

Tape is the main consumable of the case sealing machine. The case sealing machine mainly depends on the adhesive tape for sticking. The tightness of the tape directly affects the sealing effect. Therefore, it is very important for the installation and adjustment of the tape. Xiao Zhu will briefly introduce how the automatic case sealing machine adjusts the length and tightness of the case sealing tape.

First, put the new OPP tape roll onto the mandrel, as shown in the figure. Second, pull out the tape, bypass the drum C, then bypass the drum B along the line, third, bypass the drum D, and finally pass the tape through the tape seat E and out of the drum F, as shown in the figure below. During the whole process, it must be noted that the adhesive surface of the tape must face outward.

If the tape is not on the center line of the box, please adjust it according to the following figure: loosen the nut B, and then adjust the mandrel with a screwdriver, so that the position of the tape can be adjusted.

Turn the knob to make the speed of the tape reel moderate, and adjust and loosen the nut M8 and the adjusting screw M8 × The front and rear positions of 50 change the elastic force of the long tension spring of the swing rod to control the tension of the tape. Turn the knob clockwise to increase the belt tension, and vice versa; Screw M8 × 50 Adjust forward, the belt tension becomes larger, and vice versa.

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