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What determines the cutting width of the sealing machine

Release date:2023-02-04

The case sealer is a mechanical equipment that uses tape to seal cartons. The machine can realize automatic conveying, automatic sealing, automatic cutting of tape. For the folding case sealer, it can also realize automatic folding of the upper cover. However, no matter what kind of case sealer is inseparable from the tape, how wide can the case sealer hold?

There are two factors determining the belt width of the case sealing machine, one is the cutter, the other is the belt guide roller. As the name implies, the cutter determines the width of the tape that can be cut, but it does not mean that the wider the cutter is, the wider the tape must be cut. In fact, the narrower cutter can also cut the wider tape, but it will leave a little bit of tape head in the process of cutting, which will affect the overall beauty. Therefore, Aixun still recommends that if you need to cut a wider tape, you should communicate with the supplier and replace the larger blade.

Some friends also need to understand why the width of the belt is determined by the belt guide roller. In fact, the tape is not directly pasted from the tape winding out of the tape sealing machine to the carton. It is only after the tape is very smoothly exported by several guide rollers that the tape is glued to the carton. After bonding, there will be corresponding tape guide rollers to smooth the tape on the carton. Therefore, the width of the belt will also be determined by the belt guide roller to a certain extent.

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