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The heating seal of the vacuum packing machine is faulty

Release date:2023-08-28

The sealing of the vacuum packaging machine is the key, and the following is a summary of the experience of the intelligent after-sales engineer of Zhongbao:

1. Vacuum packaging machine bag can not be sealed, the possible reasons are as follows:

The heat seal switch of the control panel of the vacuum packaging machine is not selected, or the heating power supply is not opened.

The heating element of the packaging machine is damaged, or the power connector of the heating element is disconnected.

There is a problem with the panel Settings. The heating time is set to 0.

There is a problem with the control module. The heating time relay is damaged.

Battery valve fault: the sealing solenoid valve does not operate, the air bag does not bulge (or the air bag is damaged).

2. The bag sealing pattern is not average, there are bubbles in the sealing line, and the sealing is not strong. The possible reasons are as follows:

The sealing strip of the vacuum chamber of the rolling vacuum packaging machine is not clean enough, and there are dirty things or other foreign bodies.

Set the heating time or temperature too low, can not seal well.

The air bag of the vacuum machine is not strong enough, resulting in the sealing line is not tight.

The cooling time set by the control surface plate is not enough, resulting in shrinkage of the sealing line and bubbles.

The heating rubber strip is damaged and its appearance is not smooth enough.

Note: The above fault is based on the vacuum packaging machine as an example, the analysis is for reference only. The configuration of individual models is different, not to be explained otherwise.

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